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About Us

Byte BD is a software services & IT based firm in Dhaka, branch offices at Khulna and Rajshahi. We have extensive experience in many diverse areas . We provide , any types of required Software solution, website development, mobile apps. Hardware solution, printers solution , supply quality toner, IT devices and also provide network, hardware support. We have a highly skilled team of professionals . We strongly believe no challenge too big or too small, and we dedicatedly provide service and time line to every project we take on.

Our Strategy

Every customer is valued and unique. We sit with our customers, listen passionately and prepare and present customize plan.

  • 01 Teamwork

    All our people are part of a congruent team, committed to work together to achieve the goals of the organization under any circumstances. We promote teamwork to ensure resource optimization and efficiency; at the same time we encourage the employees to express their individuality to promote greater innovation and sharing of ideas.

  • Our customers are of utmost importance to us; we treat their requirements with sincerity and diligence. We maintain the highest standards and deliver products and services that create significant value to our clients. If a problem arises, we communicate with our customers immediately on the issue and take actions to resolve the problem quickly.

  • As a global business with global customers, we demonstrate consistency in our approach regardless of geographical boundaries. No matter where our customers are, we are always ready to serve them with greatest care and competence.

  • We strongly believe that honesty and trust are essential for long-term business sustainability. We never compromise with our integrity and always try our best to match customer expectations.

  • We ensure excellence by achieving organizational, professional, and personal improvement. We assess and evaluate current performance and identify opportunities for improvement; and try to close the gap between current and desired performance. As committed pursuers of excellence we seek to clearly articulate our vision, honestly appraise our current performance and develop a capacity for change.



Great design and development goes nowhere without great quality.

Full Customization Software 100%
Mobile Apps 90%
Quality Hardware Support 75%
Networking 55%


We hire only the best. Our culture helps us retain our talents and our skill development programs ensure that we are always on the top of recent developments. Whether they are in, mobile application development or building web apps or custom desktop tools, our clients get top professionals working for them,

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Our software teams help our customers build customized software - everything from web to desktop to enterprise to mobile and beyond.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Based on over 5 years of experience and questions we receive from our clients, we wrote down a list of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ). We hope that it will help you better understand the issues related to software development. For your convenience, we have divided the questions into three categories: process, costs and experience.

  • What can you help me with?

    With whatever we can. Preparing cost analysis, establishing team roles, creating roadmaps. Defining business goals, key business values, target users, main features, prioritising. We can find you similar projects that are already active on the market to benchmark against. We can assist you with creating user personas, mock-ups, user stories, time frame, establishing project status and preparing project estimation. We'll be happy to outline project specification, prepare wireframes, details concerning integrations with external services, API documentation, required features list. In terms of project development we prepare server-side architecture, front end, back end, graphic and UX design, and create back-office consoles. We are also happy to advise our customers in terms of budgeting, scheduling, risk management, and business model creation.

  • If you have an idea contact us by our online form, e-mail or phone. We'll meet and talk it over. Just be sure to prepare as much info about your idea as possible, it will smoothen the meeting and benefit further cooperation. If you don't know how to get around to it, go ahead and read our blog entry on how to write a project brief.

  • Both have their benefits and flaws. Mobile apps are surely more expensive but can provide you with many more data collecting, monetisation capabilities than web applications. Progressive Web Apps are a good compromise between a mobile and web app — you can learn more about PWA on our blog. But remember that sooner or later you may need both mobile and web app and when that moment comes we are here for you :)

  • It depends on many things: project scope, time spent on the project and technological issues. We know it sounds vague but its simply honest. Remember that each software project is different, especially if you had a particularly original idea. We do not want to give you an unrealistic estimate, instead we want to provide you with the best quality possible within your budget.

  • We have more than 10 years of business experience. We've worked with and completed projects for leading retailers, Hospitals, School and College, Hotels, NGO's and many, many more. We are experienced in creating Desktop,Web,Android based systems and constantly improving our skills! Check out our portfolio to learn more.


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Bangladesh Office

Byte BD, House#7/A, Road#3, Block#B, Chandrima Model Town, Mohammadpur, Dhaka-1207, Bangladesh.


+88 01716134666

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